Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OAUG Winner!

So, I took the quiz (see the 20th Anniversary Trivia Challenge) put up by the Oracle Application User Group (OAUG) a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly I notice that I am the winner of a Nook eReader. That's good news, right?
Erm, it is a shame that the Barnes and Noble device does not allow you to purchase eBooks from an Australian IP address. That's bad news, right?

Well, they sent me an email saying that because of the difficulty in getting a Nook to Australia, they would instead give me a shopping gift card. Well, that is definitely good news, right?

Seems like my wife has already claimed and spent said gift voucher...


Gary Myers said...

So it is good news for your wife. And if it makes your wife happy, then it must be good news for you too.

Marc Thompson said...

Hahaha, yes indeed!